Thursday, February 20, 2014

US - Dutch Skating Saga Continues
The US - Dutch skating saga continues with the appearance of Dutch skating coach Jillert Anema on the morning show Squawk Box of business network CNBC, as described on their website:

" The Netherlands' speed skating coach scoffed at the controversy surrounding the American speed skating team's weak performance and their Under Armour skating suits, telling CNBC that the overall American sports system is to blame for the U.S. skaters' dismal performance.

Anema cited a lack of domestic competition and support for American speed skaters for the team's disastrous showing, and contrasted it with the popularity of speed skating in the Netherlands, which hosts many leagues and lots of competition....

Anema drew a contrast between a lack of American support for speed skating and the huge support shown for sports like basketball...............Anema singled out American football for criticism. The sport isn't played anywhere else in the world and is one that he clearly doesn't care for.............He's convinced that the Americans won't be able to threaten the Dutch in Olympic speedskating anytime soon, no matter how much the U.S. may be favored going into the Winter Games."

Have a look at this hilarious exchange, where Squaw Box host Joe Kernen is taking the bait offered by coach Anema, known in Holland for his eccentricities.

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