Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finland, Holland and Norway At Top, US Plunges in World Press Freedom Index

The Netherlands
Finland, Holland and Norway again at top. The U.S. plunges....
I'm referring here to this year's the World Press Freedom Index which has been released again by Reporters Without Borders. According to Wikipedia, "this is an annual ranking of countries based upon the organization's assessment of the countries' press freedom. It reflects the degree of freedom that journalists, news organizations, and netizens enjoy in each country, and the efforts made by the authorities to respect and ensure respect for this freedom."

Finland tops the index for the fourth year running, closely followed by the Netherlands and Norway, like in 2013.  The U.S. is 46th out of 180 countries, a 13-place drop from last year due to NSA leaks and attacks on whistle-blowers in 2013. The US had occupied a lower position, 47th, in 2012 after "arrests of high-profile journalists during the Occupy Wall Street protests.", according to RT News.  Let's see what next year's World Press Freedom Index will bring as the Netherlands is just experiencing its own intelligence controversy about the role of its domestic intelligence agency in collecting the metadata of 1.8 million domestic telephone records. 

In case you consider traveling to some of the lowest ranked countries, these are the four lowest in this year's index: Syria, Turkmenistan, North Korea and lastly 180th Eritrea.

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