Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Olympics Are Over with Dutch Best Result Ever

The Winter Olympics at Sochi are over with many winners: the host country Russia not only by having hosted a successful and secure Olympic Games, but also by winning the medal count: number one with 33 medals in total, of which 13 gold; closely followed by the U.S. with 28 medals, of which 9 gold, and little Norway - but it is a Nordic country - is third with 26 medals, of which 11 gold. The Netherlands has achieved its best result ever by being fifth in the overall ranking with 24 medals, 8 of which gold. 

The Dutch have achieved an amazing result no matter what some critics may say about them having won only in speed skating events. If one compares the Dutch results with other countries who could have done better due to their size (for example Germany and China) or due to their tradition in a broader range of winter sports (for example Austria, Sweden, Switzerland) then the Dutch have truly achieved an outstanding performance. 

Also by comparing the Dutch results in Sochi with the previous Olympic Games in Vancouver, where the Dutch won 8 medals (of which 4 gold,) then the improvement is staggering. Bear in mind........ 

that the Dutch stated goal for the Sochi Olympics was to win 8+1 medals.

Something interesting, I noticed is that the medal tables in Dutch media (but also elsewhere in Europe, such as in England Germany, and Switzerland) show a ranking based on number of gold medals won, making Norway second, Canada third, U.S. fourth (and the Dutch remain fifth,) while US media such as NBC, The New York Times , and USA Today rank countries by total medals won.

Last but not least for those Dutch-speakers among you, following is a video clip from the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf interviewing several of the Dutch athletes, coaches, the Dutch Chef de Mission Maurits Hendriks, and the IOC President Thomas Bach.

but also for example with the BBC show a ranking based on number of golden medals won.

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