Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dutch iPad Schools Seek to Transform Education

"Plenty of schools use iPads. But what if the entire education experience were offered via tablet computer? That is what several new schools in the Netherlands plan to do. There will be no blackboards or schedules. Is this the end of the classroom?" The German weekly Der Spiegel reports on this phenomenon, stating:

"There will be no blackboards, chalk or classrooms, homeroom teachers, formal classes, lesson plans, seating charts, pens, teachers teaching from the front of the room, schedules, parent-teacher meetings, grades, recess bells, fixed school days and school vacations. If a child would rather play on his or her iPad instead of learning, it'll be okay. And the children will choose what they wish to learn based on what they happen to be curious about." The initiator of these iPad schools is Maurice de Hond, a well-known Dutch pollster and digital entrepreneur.

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