Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meredith Whitney's New Book Fate of the States

Bank Analyst Meredith Whitney, known for her previous correct negative forecast of Citibank and her still incorrect forecast of the collapse of U.S. municpal bonds, has now come out with a new book, Fate of the States, The New Geography of American Prosperity  In this book she presents the case for how the housing boom and bust, and the fiscal decisions by municipalities wil drive strategic population shifts in the U.S., from states such as California and Florida to the American heartland (Texas, Indiana and North Dakota.) From someone who has been quite wrong about the municipal bond crisis, one shouldn't expect too much from this book in terms of its predictive value. I recommend reading the following two reviews first before deciding whether it's worth buying this book:

A return to the American heartland by Nicole Bullock in the Financial Times, who says: "....Other analysts are inching towards the idea that defaults may no longer be as taboo as they once were. But Whitney has not been vindicated yet. She may have intended her book as an apologia, but she is calling attention to yet another bold call. Only this time, in her words, it involves "bigger and more important' issues." and Meredith Whitney's Migration by municipal bond analyst Cate Long from Reuters, who says: "..The best comment about Whitney's book that I read was from fiscal analyst Kil Huh: "You can get her book for $19 (just reduced.) At least she's not charging $50k this time for making stuff up..."

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