Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hawaii Vote: Another Strike in the Battle Against GMOs

Sweet corn/Fairfax County
Food activists in Hawaii won a partial victory last week when the House Committee on Agriculture passed a measure to require labeling on genetically modified food. This seems only a partial win as Common Dreams reports:
"...Originally, House Bill 174 required any food product that is produced or sold in Hawaii to have a label saying it contains or was made using genetically engineered materials, but (last) Thursday's committee hearing amended the requirements so it only applies to produce imported from outside Hawaii...

..... Despite this provision, Hawaii is a ripe battleground for new legislation. According to the anti-GMO organization Hawai'i Seed, "Hawaii is the genetic engineering experimental capital of the world," with thousands of acres of arable farmland being used to test seed crops for agriculture giants, including Monsanto." In other words........

a small step in the long battle for labeling, for health, for the environment and for common sense.

See also the following video of a powerful speech by Indian environmental activist, Vandana Shiva at an anti-GMO rally in Hawaii last month:

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