Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mayan Explanation of December 21, 2012

Mayan Calendar/Thruthanado
Within a few weeks, it will be December 21, 2012, the date that signifies the end of a 5,125-year cycle known as the Long Count in the Mayan calendar and according to some the end of the world as we know it and according to others a dawn of a new age that will bring enlightenment. It also could be just another day in December. 

The New York Times in  No End in Sight for Doomsaying,  made fun of the various doomsday documentaries to be broadcasted by The National Geographic Channel:

 "...The channel, whose signature series is now the duck-and-cover show “Doomsday Preppers,” will strengthen its brand by devoting its entire schedule on Sunday and Monday nights to the end of the world...."

In other places around the world, people are actually fearful, as the New York Times reports in In Panicky Russia, It’s Official: End of World Is Not Near:

"...Last week, Russia’s government decided to put an end to the doomsday talk. Its minister of emergency situations said Friday that he had access to “methods of monitoring what is occurring on the planet Earth,” and that he could say with confidence that the world was not going to end in December. He acknowledged, however, that Russians were still vulnerable to “blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, floods, trouble with transportation and food supply, breakdowns in heat, electricity and water supply.....

"...In France, the authorities plan to bar access to Bugarach mountain in the south to keep out a flood of visitors who believe it is a sacred place that will protect a lucky few from the end of the world...."

Let's keep doomsday talk aside, and have a look at what an insider, Mayan ..............

AcTah says in below video clip about December 21, 2012, electromagnetic fields and consciousness awakening.Whether it's accurate or has true scientific significance, I'll leave to physicists, metaphysicists or time to judge. 

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