Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Geert Wilders Among Europe’s Most Dangerous Politicians

(European Politicians, Robin Hood Tax/Flickr)
German weekly Der Spiegel has presented their list of Europe’s 10 most dangerous politicans. According to Der Spiegel, these politicians are part of a growing group of populist politicians, who are becoming “more aggressive…...and whipping up sentiment and worsening the Euro crisis.” Among those top 10, are media tycoon and former Italian prime minister Sylvio Berlusconi, whose newspaper Il Giornale recently printed the headline "Fourth Reich" above an article about the euro crisis alongside a picture of Angela Merkel raising her right arm; Marine Le Pen, the French leader of the far right Front National in France, who in the recent French presidential election campaign said:”Frau Merkel and her friends, ...........
 .......van Rompuy and the European Commission are in the final stages of creating a European Soviet Union."; and Geert Wilders, head of the Dutch Freedom Party, who first agitated against Muslims in the Netherlands and increasingly moves against the European Union. After the last EU summit in Brussels, Wilders accused Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of being "slavishly on his knees for the Italian and Spanish mafia." For more on Geert Wilders, see also Newsweek's article "Geert Wilders Says There's No Such Thing as Moderate Islam."

Read also who the other dangerous politicians are and their disturbing quotes.

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