Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'What's On The Table? - Combatting New York City’s Hunger Crisis

The U.S. is in a hunger crisis, although you may not know. Especially in America's financial and media capital New York City, where approximately 3 million people regularly have trouble affording food (mind you, this is over one third of New York's population of around 8 million people!) 1.4 million people rely on soup kitchens to feed themselves and their families. One in 5 children live in “food insecure” households, a euphemism for hungry families, and one in 6 senior citizens receives meals from emergency food providers.  Last weekend I joined an event organized by...........

United Way of New York City to launch its What's on the Table/ campaign to raise awareness of New York’s hunger crisis and raise funds. In a beautiful outdoors environment in the tony Hamptons approximately 100 miles east of New York City this campaign was kicked off by actress Julianne Moore and celebrity Chef and nutrition advocate Tom Colicchio . While enjoying the nice environment and great food (!), I heard inspiring talks about the importance of the availability of fresh, healthy food, and  What's on the Table/ plans to combat the appalling food situation in too many of New York City’s communities, from building urban farms to making sure soup kitchens can store fresh foods and purchasing food to feed hungry New Yorkers.  Although I wonder if not more structural causes should be addressed on a political level, from poverty to education and a lack of economic development, this is a very worthy cause and I invite anyone reading this to visit the What's on the Table/ website, donate today today and spread the word to your networks.

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